Is There a Purpose?

      A blog is a wonderful construction, an organic idea that seems to have blossomed exponentially as time has marched onward. Everyone seems to have one. From you “every day” celebrity, to the specialized academic, on to the “normal” individual no matter the walk of life they travel and continue on. 

      I will seek to implement this common tool of communication into my own life. Why not? Everyone else is doing it, after all…

      While that may not quite be the best reason to create such a public website (even including my full name! Gasp!), it does seem to be a valid reason. As the Internet has proliferated in our increasingly globalized existence it has become an exciting and integrating medium in the exchange of ideas.

      “Oh!” You may exclaim, “But we already have the Facebook! We have the Myspace! We have the other ‘grams and ‘interests and ‘walls and ‘books and ‘pages and ‘spaces and ‘squares! Why choose such a medium as a blog?!” 

      Simply put, these other social media sites are tiring! One finds it quite hard to accomplish the task of engaging interesting conversation on such sites. Especially when they seem to be concerned with propagating memes and the latest office gossip!

      I want discussion. Particularly concerning the issues and areas of study that I am concerned with. I may not receive much feedback, but at the least I can flesh out my thoughts in a public space where the possibility of other interested people encountering me is much greater.

      You may wonder what topics I do care about? I hope? Unfortunately, they cover a wide range. Mainly I have a passion for theology, and because of that I have a concern with everything; theology is, after all, a study that does concern all other areas of study, even economics.

      In relation to that, my “heroes” mainly include theologians and philosophers who have impacted me immensely because of their bold march onward in academics and their desire to further the grace of God onto the world: N. T. Wright, Alasdair MacIntyre, Stanley Hauerwas, Michael Budde, William Cavanaugh, Kierkegaard, Richard B. Hays, Chris Hedges, Daniel M. Bell, Jr., Jeph Holloway, Alvin Plantinga, William Lane Craig, D. Stephen Long and countless others.

Oh, and I also like Batman.

      As is obvious from my list of “heroes, one of the more interesting areas of study that I am enthralled with is the rather recent upsurge in Thomistic styled virtue ethics, although I lament the lack of interaction between popularizers of Christian virtue ethics and the scriptures. I hope to delve more into this problem in later posts and to interact with others who may have a bit of fat to chew in regards to these interesting issues.

      In the mean time, I will leave this post with one of the most influential quotes I have encountered as of late. I hope it is a sort of comfort to those who struggle in their living out the grace of Christ who has redeemed all,


“Love is the apprehension of the ‘other’ as the ‘other.'”

-Stanley Hauerwas

10 comments on “Is There a Purpose?

  1. Ted Logan says:

    Batman sucks.

  2. Batman is the best! Must I fight you to the death?

  3. Alyssa says:

    Just like social media has its place on the internet, so does blogging. It’s been around for many years, and has become a growing phenomenon.

    In the least, like you said, it is a place to openly speak your mind, in the hopes of engaging others in meaningful conversation. Used correctly, you will be able to bridge the gap between CGR users who also blog, plus find a network of bloggers with like-minded topics of conversation.

    I have faith in you. Way to use the internets!

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