Bible and Critical Theory latest edition: free and online

I want to point to this latest edition of Bible and Critical Theory and the easiest way is to reblog James’s post.

Furthermore, keep your eyes peeled, as I will be blogging through some of the more interesting articles in this most recent issue.

Harnessing Chaos

The latest BCT is out and it is free, open access, and online (PDFs here.).


“Manufacturing Dissent: Reflections on a Year of the Corbyn Movement and the Return of the Radical Bible” is more a review of the past year since Corbyn became Labour leader. It already feels a little behind the times given the Trump victory and that the Bob Crow Brigade (who intervened in the Labour election) Twitter account has been suspended (for reasons unknown to me), though there is still Red London. But it covers some of the media treatment of Corbyn (esp. Guardian) and a fairly crude reading of the debates over feminism and gender in light of the Corbyn movement, including certain representations of Rojava…


Here is the Table of Contents. The articles have a certain relevance…

Vol 12, No 2 (2016)
Radicalism, Violence, and Religious Texts

Table of Contents
Editorial: Radicalism, Violence…

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